Movies on DVD

Try out this set of activities in a group or on your own.

Individual/group viewing

When you watch a film, write the following information (in the foreign language of course). You may need to use a dictionary or other reference materials.

  • If the film is subtitled, include comments on the 'translation'.
  • Note the name of the film, name of the director, principal stars, date made.  
  • Classify it (thriller, comedy, romantic, historical, science fiction etc.).  
  • Write a summary of the plot/situation/scenario.

Write a review of this film including the following:

  • plot;
  • acting;
  • script;
  • pace;
  • cinematography;
  • music;
  • special effects;
  • target audience;
  • other aspects you can think of.

Additional activities

  • Discuss the film with friends and/or your Face-to-Face partner (in the foreign language, of course) exchanging views on it.  
  • Make notes of other people's opinions and contrast them to your own.  
  • Use a digital camera or digital voice recorder to interview each other about the film.
  • Record yourself on a digital recorder doing a film review as if for the radio (in the relevant language, of course).  
  • Watch and/or listen to any recordings you have made as a result of points 3 or 4 above. Use this to evaluate your own communication skills. You and your friends can comment on each others' performances if you are comfortable doing so.

You may find the communication skills analysis grid useful for this process (below). A face-to-face partner can also help provide feedback to you. Use all comments constructively to improve your spoken skills.

Notes, written reviews and recordings should be kept in your independent language learning file.

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