Helpsheets and worksheets

Quick hints and handy templates to help you on your language learning journey.

Reading, listening and writing hints

Develop your skills with these quick tips.


Pro formas

These are mainly blank grid formats which will assist you to summarise what you have understood from reading and listening in a foreign language. You can print them off, or copy the format to suit your requirements.

Typing special characters

You can type accented characters for many Western European (and other) languages in any Windows program by holding down the ALT key and typing a four-digit character code. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can also type accented characters using a special set of keyboard shortcuts which are quite easy to remember. Both methods are detailed in the following PDF document:

The above method and character codes do not include many accented characters used in Central European languages (such as Polish) and Eastern European languages (such as Turkish). A slightly different method with additional character codes for inputting characters in Polish and Turkish is given in the following PDF document: