Multimedia resources

Get access to a range of media resources on campus and beyond.

Student working on laptop

Multimedia spaces

The multimedia spaces (NLG.4 and NLG.9) are situated in the Open Learning Centre for Languages and Academic English (OLCLAE) on the lower-ground floor of Samuel Alexander Building.

These versatile language learning spaces are for languages students' priority use, and are equipped with:

  • PCs (with headsets with microphones) for DVD and CD playback, videoconferencing, voice recording, use of multilingual software, etc;
  • flexible work spaces for individual or pair/group work;
  • access to specialised keyboards for inputting in different scripts;
  • access to external drives for DVD playback;
  • LCD screens for group viewing of DVDs;
  • multi-region DVD/BluRay player for single or group viewing.

Film and TV viewing and recording facilities

The main TV viewing and recording facilities are based at Samuel Alexander Building.

Off-air recording and AV duplication service

The Open Learning Centre for Languages and Academic English (OLCLAE) in Samuel Alexander Building (building 67 on the Campus Map) offers an off-air recording service.

The University of Manchester is covered by the Education Recording Agency Licence which permits off-air recordings to be made for educational purposes.

Multilingual word processing

Multilingual word processing is possible in all standard PC clusters.