Exploiting resources

Make the most of the resources available to you.

Resources in the Open Learning Centre for Languages and Academic English (OLCLAE)

  • Look at the OLCLAE's library of multimedia resources;
  • Familiarise yourself with Computer Assisted Language Learning packages available for use on the Centre's PCs and on the University's networks;
  • Get into the habit of watching DVDs and online TV. Check broadcasters' webpages for schedules for channels available on the internet;
  • Join the Face-to-Face scheme to practise speaking in your target language (for details contact angela.farrand@manchester.ac.uk);
  • Plan your visits to the OLCLAE, write them into your weekly timetable, keep a record of your visits and what you have achieved in them.

Computer assisted language learning

CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) is providing a growing body of materials which particularly support independent learning.

  • repetitive, sometimes boring work which reinforces grammatical practice or vocabulary acquisition can be more fun if you use a good computer program;
  • practise your grammar doing exercises which are marked instantly;
  • be referred to grammatical explanations which are directly relevant to the exercise you are doing;
  • receive marks and feedback on your performance;
  • listen to audio material or watch video material and do relevant exercises without having to search through DVD chapters etc;
  • record your voice to compare with a 'native' speaker, without leaving a record for someone else to hear;
  • practise translation skills with glossaries, hints and a model translation to compare with - all on the same screen.

Selected software is available on the OLCLAE PCs. Some software is also available from any PC in the University. Multimedia CD-ROMs can be borrowed from the OLCLAE library. 

Audio-visual resources

Whether you are using audio CDs, DVDs or internet-based audio-visual material, some of the following worksheets will help you to make your listening/viewing an effective learning experience.

Activity sheets

A wide range of feature films, documentaries etc are available from the OLCLAE Library, and external drives for playback are available for loan from reception. Most titles can be borrowed to view at home. 

Alternatively, DVDs can be watched in the multimedia studio (NLG.4) and the study area (NLG.9) in the Open Learning Centre for Languages and Academic English (OLCLAE) in Samuel Alexander Building. If you are working with friends, there are DVD group viewing facilities in NLG.9, and the OLCLAE reception can supply you with headsets so you can watch films together more comfortably.

You can listen to audio CDs on the PCs in the OLCLAE using headphones, which are supplied with all OLCLAE PCs.

We also provide a copying and off-air recording service.