Careers Service Developing Confidence Workshops

Our specially designed workshops have been developed alongside the Careers Service to help you develop your English language skills and gain confidence in understanding the UK job market.

Workshops will help you:

  • Understand the realities of applying for roles in the UK as an international student;
  • Gain a greater understanding to the different approaches that UK recruiters use for recruitment, including CVs, cover letters and application forms, and assessment centres;
  • Consider what an employer really wants to hear from you when they ask tricky questions.

Click on the links below to book onto the workshops

Session 1 Developing Confidence: Introduction to the UK Job Market for International Students

Session 2 Developing Confidence in Interviews for International Students

Session 3 Developing Confidence in Assessment Centres for International Students

You will need to access CareerConnect via the ‘Student sign in’ button using your University username and password to access the event registration page.