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The course aims to demystify EAP and bridge the gap between EAP and your previous experience of teaching English as a second language. 

Our CertPT will provide you with:  

  • a recognised Trinity CertPT level 6 qualification
  • unique insights into 2 world class UK universities 
  • expertise from EAP professionals at the University of Manchester and Goldsmiths, University of London 
  • a deeper understanding of: 
    • the field of EAP teaching within higher education
    • the theoretical and practical elements of teaching general and specific EAP on Pre-sessional, Foundation, Pre-Masters and In-sessional courses 
  • the confidence to identify your existing transferrable teaching and language skills in order to:  
    • evaluate, adapt, design, deliver and reflect on EAP materials
    • adapt and apply existing teaching skills to an EAP context 
  • opportunities to develop your professional reflective skills.  

 Your studies will include:

  • 4-6 hours per week of interactive trainer-led sessions in groups of up to 16 people
  • A minimum of 6 hours per week of reading and tasks to be completed in both study groups of up to five students and individually online
  • 2 individual tutorial meetings with a trainer, personalised to support your needs.



Sessions in weeks 1-3 are from 9.00-12.00

Sessions in weeks 4-10 are from 9.00-11.00






Introduction to the course and the case studies

Overview of the EAP context in Higher Education settings


Understanding learner needs


Academic listening and speaking skills


Academic reading skills and criticality


Academic writing skills and criticality



Evaluating listening and speaking EAP materials


Evaluating reading and writing EAP materials


Adapting EAP materials


Academic Language and vocabulary


Using Corpus

Learner autonomy and student-led tutorials


Expressing stance: Grammatical and lexical strategies

Designing EAP materials



Teaching an adapted resource


Reflecting on resource use and giving feedback


Assessing academic writing skills

Assessing academic speaking skills



Current topics in EAP

What next? Insights from professionals in the sector

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All times stated are UK time.