Academic Success Programme

Academic English workshops to help you with your studies.

Student sitting in study area

Our Academic Success Programme aims to help you succeed in your studies.

Academic English can be challenging, even for first-language speakers.

Our team of experienced tutors are here to help you use Academic English with accuracy and confidence.


Writing Clinic (Online Only) 

This online workshop offers an opportunity to speak to one of our experienced Academic English Tutors and ask questions about academic writing. 

You may want to show a short extract that you have written and ask a few specific questions about it or ask other more general questions about academic writing. 


Discussion Forum (On-Campus Only)  

Would you like to practise how to express your views clearly in a group discussion? We hope that the skills you develop in this workshop will help you input into group discussions and seminars. 

In this on-campus workshop you will practise your speaking skills by taking part in a class-based discussion on a current global issue. You will read some news articles and practise taking part in a group discussion about the articles. You will practice language which is commonly used in seminars. 


More workshops in Writing, Grammar and Speaking begin from January 29.

For full details, click Workshops from January 08, 2024