Arum Mulyono

Arum, an MA TESOL student from Indonesia, attended the Academic Support Programme at the University Centre for Academic English (UCAE).

Arum Mulyono

Why did you choose the Academic Support Programme at the UCAE?

I chose the academic support programme as I needed to improve my academic writing. The UK higher education system requires students, especially postgraduates, to write many essays. 

What did you find most helpful about the service?

We have a nice tutor who addresses our needs in academic writing. She designs the lessons based on our needs in writing a dissertation.

The service also gave us a tutorial slot that we can book once a semester to receive individual consultation on our writing. 

Is there anything that surprised you about the Academic Support Programme?

The programme is not for credits and is it not graded, so if we are busy we can miss classes.

The tutors are very considerate, so they usually bring spare copies of materials to the next session. We can therefore catch up with areas and attend when we are free.

How has the service helped you and your future career plans?

I took the Insessional writing class. Although the class was mainly for academic purposes, I believe it has helped me a lot in improving my writing skills in general. It will be beneficial for my future career in English teaching as well.

Why would you recommend the Academic Support Programme?

It is a no-cost and non-credit class so if you really want to improve your English skills, do join the programme.