Ilma Amalina

Ilma, a PhD Chemistry student from Indonesia, attended the Academic Support Programme at the University Centre for Academic English (UCAE).

Ilma Amalina

Why did you choose the Academic Support Programme at the UCAE?

Because I felt that I would need to improve my English to support my studies. The descriptions that I had read about the programme were good and really suited my needs.

What did you find most helpful about the service?

The service is really helpful, especially to international students. In academic writing classes, the materials that are taught elevate a student’s understanding of how to write a report or essay in a British English academic style, since some students learn about American English in their home country. This is useful for a student’s future work.

Another aspect I have found most helpful are the Academic Writing Tutorials.

Is there anything that surprised you about the Academic Support Programme?

Yes. During an Academic Writing Tutorial there is a tutor who patiently gives feedback on all of your writing. That is amazing.

Also, in classes, I have made friends with people who are from completely different courses and backgrounds.

How has the service helped you and your future career plans?

The service has outlined how to write in a correct academic style. The service has also taught me how to do presentations efficiently. Both of these things will help me in the future for writing reports and my thesis, as well as in group meetings and in my Viva.

Why would you recommend the Academic Support Programme?

Because this programme is very helpful, especially for international students who are from non-English speaking countries.

Moreover, this programme can enhance your English skills, teach you how to write in the proper academic style and improve your presentation skills.